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Row after row after row

After all gain tide

Washes away the sand

All purpose all knowing

All hail!

Bow before bow before bow

Before encore

And starz create hours of

Buttery corn popped after

Grown in

Row after row after row


Sabrina Royster
All rights reserved

I'm a winner who lost.
afraid of what's the cost of
pride and shame
intermingled with love
who do I trust when my best
is not enough

unsettled rumors rise up and
with them lift memoris of moments
full of pain meant to be joyful

a lovers kiss,a baby's cry, a golden band

memories and moments stolen by
reality's slow drag
pulling me down
weighing my mind
keeping me from competing
I always win but this time
this time I lost and I cant stop myself
from mourning my perfect record

question whats real and
why i held on so long to the smoke
filled my lungs until fresh air seems foreign
was i ever even in the race
race game i'm running now
is it to or away from the mirror face
if this is my only escape
give me up to be chained to the burden of regrets

Sabrina Royster
All Rights Reserved