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Involution is HERE!

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This is my fourth published book of poems. Thank you for supporting me in my favorite past-time of writing. Since I began writing, I have been published in various poetry journals, papers and internet poetry sites. I have been a contributing writer to several internet based poetry sites and have poems published in several books of compilation. This latest work, Involution, is a collection of poems offering a different perspective on many subjects, such as Fumigation, Funeral for a Cat, Rumors, Middle Age, Climbing Stairs and many other subjects of everyday life.

Within Arrow’s Reach


crickets play in the cracks

of walks and crumbled walls,

built long ago by young hands,

here in the forest halls.

a decayed fort where I once stood guard

protecting the good and right,

without a single bullet fired,

nor arrow shot in flight.


an earthen floor, grown over now

by wild grass of green.

once the fort watched over

the forest, so tall and serene.

the flagpole that I made of wood and

hung a flag of peace

lies shredded now in the grass,

within the arrow’s reach.

The Forgotten



I know not of these thoughts,

these carnages of damnable passing-

and yet I think there was once

a man whom they belonged to.

I know not of these moments,

these portions of delirious ecstasies-

and yet I think there was once

a woman who taught them.

I know not this forgiving,

these mercies tendered of purest heart-

and yet I think that once

God whispered them lovingly to me.

You Never Knew Me




When I was young and carefree and

the world was at my command,

others stood beside me and

steadied my unsure hand, gave me

direction as if I was their own,

but you never knew me,

I lived my youth alone.


When I became older and needed

someone to care, to show me

things unknown, to guide me

through despair, others were

still beside me to help me be a man,

but you never knew me,

I’ll never understand.


When I fell in love and life was

so sweet and each time I stumbled

nearly facing defeat, others helped

me up and sent me on my way,

comforting me again and again

each time day was gray,

and still you never knew me,

it’s always been that way.


Now here I am grown and wise

cherishing all the others in my life

who helped me be what I am,

my friends, my neighbors and my wife,

while you suddenly write and apologize

for all the years of being away,

for memories not shared,

for dreams never made,

asking forgiveness and hoping

it’s not too late, a stranger  you

say who is changed, who sorrows

for the things I’ve been through-

my only thought is...

I never knew you.



Of other times I have dreamed,

Lost in thoughts of happier things-

Sitting on Grandpa’s knee as he

Spins a tale for me,

Hiding in the honeysuckle bush while

Playing hide n’ seek long after dusk.

Mama’s smile as she rocked in her

Old rocking chair, humming tunes

I had never heard, remembering them

Now so clear.

Children knocking on my door

Beckoning me out to play,

Endless stars that raced across

The sky at end of day.


Oh, other times I have dreamed,

Lost in thoughts of happier days,

Soon I awake from my dream

To reality!

Within You




I crawl into you, hide from un-restful

nights, darkened sunlight of days,

fearing shapes of memories

appearing in the maze

of my mind.


within you is solace, your

strength protects my soul,

I cannot be disturbed here

while demons all unfold in

darkness of sublime.


I crawl into you, safe in the warmth,

you smile and welcome me

with words of assuredly,

outside the forces scheme

to take what they may,

inside I dwell, unafraid,

in your purity.



Wines Tale 


Head breaking,

Mind sleeping on

A hot day,

Guzzling cheap

Red wine from

A plastic cup

Filled with ice.


The harsh rasp

Of the red drips

To the parched ground like

Christmas and roses

Swirling in dance.


Over and over

The ice melts

As pleasures of

The moment hold

Me ransom in

The dark of

The tall trees.




Oh heart, be patient,

can’t you see,

I cannot ruminate

you free,

I cannot exorcise

your pain,

oh heart be patient

in your sad refrain.

The moons apogee

causes such tears,

it seems I’ve cried

a million years, yet

muslin clouds

will soon be seen,

the ecru moon

nestled in between, and

catharsis soon will begin,

duplicitous spirits will

surely cease and you,

my heart,

shall be set free.

Feel free to comment on anything you like or dislike.  (The likes will be read first he said candidly.)