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Over and over I ask myself,

Who are you?

You, the one who cherishes

Little and yet one

Who cannot accept being alone.

Who am I that I weep

Over a sparrows death yet

Remain untouched by

The calamity of man.

At last I realize…..

I am unfulfilled.   Defiled.

One seeking righteousness

Without purpose.

Living reality as a

Fortnight’s dream-

Afraid to give up, yet

Sorrowful that I am too

Weak-minded to do so.


And what of you?

Translucent.  Apparent.

Speaking of truth while

At tea with the devil….

Denying both

 With the same amoral.

And to me?

Faithful.  Bold.

A rock in the water

That appears and vanishes

With the ripple of

Each new storm.


We are alike as

We are different.

We are determined as

We are fanciful.

We are free as

We are imprisoned.

We are two as

We are one.




The ticking of the clock,

the whisper of the fire,

the sound of the rain

against my window pane,

a chair in which to rock,

such things are my desire,

then could I rest and

be at peace again.


The purring of my cat,

a friendly book to read,

just grant me these when

comes the grey November

and I will be thankful that

they fulfill my needs….

yet some things,

oh let me not remember.


Within You




I crawl into you, hide from un-restful

nights, darkened sunlight of days,

fearing shapes of memories

appearing in the maze

of my mind.


within you is solace, your

strength protects my soul,

I cannot be disturbed here

while demons all unfold in

darkness of sublime.


I crawl into you, safe in the warmth,

you smile and welcome me

with words of assuredly,

outside the forces scheme

to take what they may,

inside I dwell, unafraid,

in your purity.