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Poems from Theatre of the Mind,
Poems Published by Noblehouse, New York City,
in a compliation of various artists.
The following poems copyrighted by John Pouch.
Theatre of the Mind was released as a limited collectors edition in 2003 and is not for sale except by Special Order from the publisher!


Rumors begin.
Truth is unclear,
why is it
you are not here,
was it your
decision or did
I drive you away?
Rumors begin
anew today.

Friends call.
They don’t ask
why I am alone,
they were thinking
of me and
decided to phone.
Rumors begin
from those who
don’t know.

Questions arise.
How can this be,
no words to explain
the rumors I hear,
do friends really
know what
happened here,
are you in touch,
is truth what I fear
or am I confused
about the cause?
 Rumors I must
 sort through.

Rumors stop.
News is now old,
friends go on
with lives of their own,
telephone calls
are of the past,
friends may still wonder
but they don’t ask.
I still don’t know
why you left,
so I repeat the rumors
that I like best.




It was only a kiss, a small
slip of skin touching
me for a split second,
a token of dearness
given at a moment
of heart's beckon.
A gesture of kind,
impulsively given,
a julep kiss
appropertly shriven.
Old men in the park
The park bench's were filled
with all the local old men.
They sat and pondered and relived
forgotten dreams once again.
In faded trousers and plaid
shirts they came,
tired and worn,
common in their fame,
each one the others only
remaining friend.
Life starts out as a newborn baby
and slowly becomes old men.

 Peeping Tom
I watched her through the sweat of her bathroom window.
I, outside in the dark, she, inside in the light.
She stood up in the tub, dripping water beads,
I stood still in my shoes, dripping the cold night.
She slowly dried her long tanned legs
and then her back and her thighs.
I stood shivering in the cold
wanting to join her inside.
Suddenly, she turned off the light
and dissappeared from my view.
I left her window and went next door
and began watching you.

THEATRE OF THE MIND, published by Noble House Publishers
Empire State Building, Suite 3304-19Q, New York, N.Y. 10118