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If you would like a copy of my book Pieces of White, poetry of effusion, click on the Pay Pal link and send $10.00 plus 2.00 postage. If you are new to PayPal, you will need to fill out a short info form...(I highly recommend you join)... put $12.00 into the account of John Pouch Thats it! Your "Signed" book will be shipped the same day you order! BE SURE TO PUT A MAILING ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AT PAYPAL! This is a special price to those visiting my website. The publisher charges 15.00 per book and bookstore charge up to 20.00. My way of saying THANKS!!

ISBN # 1-55395-048-8

275 Pages
White with Blue Cover Title
Poetry Time Line Chapters (70's-2000)
Printed Pages In Black Ink ( Easy Read )
Publisher: Trafford Publishing Company
Released 11/02/02
Original Price: 20.00 USA
Limited Editions....Nearly Sold Out
Order Now While Quanities Available!
Sold out!