Life With Father: A Personal Story

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Life With Father: A Personal Story
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The following seven chapters are but a few memories of my Father, Clarence Alfred Pouch III.

Father was born on December 3, 1906 and passed away on April 11, 1987. He was, by all accounts, adventuresome , and as a young man, that thirst for adventure led him down dark paths. To his credit however, he abandoned those darkened paths and came to be a wise man, getting to know the bible in great detail and depth as a Jehovah's Witness.  He spent years as well as his last days on earth preaching to any and all who happened to be around him.

He was indeed perceived as a man of many faces.

I have always wanted to write of some of the things that Father and I talked about, and of some of the things I saw first hand, so I am writing the following short chapters, not only in his memory, but for those thousands of people he touched through his bible teachings, to the hundreds who knew him and called him friend, and to the children whom he loved so much.

In his time, Father was bigger than life........and twice as animated!


May I present to you, Clarence A. Pouch, aka, "Doc".

Chapter One