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Earlier Poems 1970-1980

I Remember Elaine

Just like a child of flower.
Rose colored cheeks and pink smile.
Green-eyed phantom of love,
Filled with desire.
She's there, whimpering as a storm nears.
Casting flat faced stones across

Rippled waters.
Teasing man and beast with
The same amoral.
Never quiet, never still.
Eternal wandering and gazing.
Pearl teeth and golden silk hair,
Silly little ribbons blowing
Here and there.
I remember you Elaine.





Wonder is it the same as yesterday,

when your voice called my name,

how can it be different anyway,

 been too long to think ‘bout blame,

I wander with greyhound to Tennessee,

 my hand out to feel the rain,

if you’re ever back this way again, you said,

be sure to call my name.


There’s distance in eyes that look at me,

there’s tears in the voice that speaks,

and as I wind the road to Tennessee

there are promises that I can’t keep.


Wonder if it still is yesterday,

wonder if you will remember my name,

wonder if the rain will ever stop

cryin’ in the hills of Tennessee.


Country Thoughts

Rambling I go, wandering still,
small breeze's whisper by.
There a gray barn on the hill.
I hear an old owl cry.
How many years, how many tears
since that long ago July?
Time goes past and disappears.
when did we say goodbye?
How many nights,
how many days?
In a lonely grave is where you lie.
I wander on, yet my heart stays,
Country thoughts of you and I.



It’s the blossoms of bluebells,

it’s a song in the night,

it’s her feet dancing merrily

in the skies of her flight.

It is joy, it is madness,

it is a lurch of the heart,

as she slips past me

and the star twinkles start.

I cannot help but listen,

with a sigh and a smile,

to the drifting of her laughter

that lingers there awhile.


I wonder, oh how I wonder,

will perchance even she,

ever pause for a moment,

and beckon there to me?