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Visit the sites listed below for more of my poetry as well as works from some of todays gifted poets. I post all my poems at these sites under the name johnmalcolm.


Lucid Thoughts, a website of John Pouch

Mary Pauline Collier DeArmond Pouch

The former website PICTURES OF PAULINE has been changed from its previous server and is now being made available as a link found here on POETSPLACE.  I hope you enjoy the new site and spend a little time reading my mothers poetry. The site is currently under construction but you can see the progress by going to:


Let The Good Times Roll!

A new site all about the 50's & 60's....
Photos, posters, music, movies, sports & more.......

pmpoetry: Patrick Martin's Poetry Resource

Patrick Martin Links to Published Poets, Forums, Publishers and more.

Black Cat Poetry Directory....... Poetry of many Authors...........

An Interesting and helpful poetry guide for new and established poets.

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