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Ode To A Dead Poet

We all know of the masters in poetry. We have read their books, studied them in school, admired them and paid homage to them through out the centuries. They were the rock, the inspiration, the reason many of us read or wrote poetry at all. They are well documented, often discussed and greatly admired for their contribution and their way of opening up the world in a way mostly unknown and unwritten of until they came on the scene. However, for each one of those glorious masters of the past, there are many more who did not attain the stature, or the celebrity of those of the past. This tribute is for one of those brilliant and unknown poets, who lived and died with the passion of poetry running deep within her veins.

Her name was Mary Pauline Collier, and even as she never once had a best-selling book, a moment in the spotlight or a line read in poetry class, she was, none the less, a Master of her craft.

The following pages will offer a glimpse into her life, a rendering of her poetry and a reason to read and enjoy the purity of the poets passion.

The beginning.........