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Beauty of Death





Cold winds of October chill to the bone.  Creatures

of the grass scurry for shelter beneath the falling leaves,

safe from cold fingers, huddled within fall’s home.


The red and gold and brown sparkles in the sun, kissed

by moist lips of dew, caressed by each other, laying side

by side, over and under…beauty of death begun.


As the sun bows below the horizon, the red and orange

of a magnificent sky bids goodnight to the last to

cling to the trees, enduring only until sun rising.


Plastic bags and straw baskets and white smoke trailing

into the overcast sky attend to the dead.  Beautiful and

quiet and reincarnated they swirl above our head….

only for a moment do they fly….the beauty of death

a last good-bye.

Death Perch



Death laid with her

for a long time and the call

of a morning bird echoed

through the room.


She stirred once

before passing.


The limb that gave

perch to the morning bird

was cut down and laid

to rest with her.


One less place

where death may call again….

Twisted. Barely breathing. Shell of former self.
Broken hearts do not discriminate, do not reason...
Left to die alone amid the rubble,
Cast out and condemned for treason.
Pieces remain to be stepped on.
Memories executed as if by fire.
Friends no longer recognizable,
Words sputtered in the mire.
Today is a good day.