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Blowin' In The Wind (midi)


In July, 1965, two friends and myself decided to go to California. Thurman Pruett, one of my two friends, worked with me at Spartans Department Store in Pontiac, Michigan and the other friend, Shannon McGregor, lived with his girlfriend Nancy and enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle of a "kept" man. I was 22. Thurman and Shannon were both 23.  I had just purchased a 1965 Mustang in February and while eating lunch at the snackbar at work, Thurman and I decided to go to L.A.!
We left work on our lunch hour, called Shannon, and within a hour or so were on our way to California.  I had $33.00, Thurman had $27.00 and Shannon had enough to buy a hamburger, but off we went. 
We got to Chicago and got on Route 66, the Mother Highway as it was called and began our trip.  Looking back these five decades past, I still recall vividly the wild and exciting time we had experiencing Route 66.  we stopped often, taking in the sites, exploring the many attractions along the way and listening to Bob Dylan all the way to California.  It is, without a doubt, the best memory I have of the sixties, even as the sixties were chocked full of excitement and once in a lifetime happenings!
So I have added several links to sites that feature Route 66 History, pictures and memories, not only for those of you who traveled that 2448 mile long road from Chicago to Los Angeles, but for those of you who never got the opportunity to partake in the granduer and excitement of  Route 66............

Historic Route 66

Whiting Brothers Gas Station. 1959

Leaning Water Tower, Texas

Chain of Rocks Bridge, Mo.


Wigwam Motel, Route 66


Chicago to L.A. Route 66

Near Clinton, Oakla.

Uncared for, Oldalign, Ill.

Gone but not forgotten!

If you have photos or stories of experiences along Route 66 and would like to share them, e-mail me for possible inclusion on this page.
Get your kicks on Route 66 !!!!