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We were obsessed in the fifties and sixties by everything! From Cars to Trading Cards, Movie Stars to Slinky’s and Hula Hoops.  We tried Surfing and Vending Machines, went to Beauty Contests and Stock Car Races, we Danced at Sock Hops and loved Spies.  We marveled at the Space Race, the Kennedy’s and placards announcing the End of the World.  Yes, we were obsessed with the wonderful things around us and were happy when the Monsters under our beds didn’t grab us while we slept.  There were the Beatles to entertain us, Elvis to show us how to move, Nixon to laugh at, Batman and Superman to save us, not to mention Dick Tracey, the Green Hornet, Superwoman and Captain Marvel to watch our back. Cowboys were our heros.  We loved our Pets, Spiders, June Bugs and Fireflys, played spin the bottle as often as possible, had snowball fights, played hide ‘n seek late into the night. When we got tired of that, we watched television on our giant 12"  black and white screen.  Saturday and Sunday nights were the best with Show of Shows, Milton Berle, Ed Sullivan, Ted Macks Amateur Hour and George Burns & Gracie Allen.  John Cameron Swayze, Edward R. Marow & Walter Cronkite were our idols even if they were newscasters and Crazy Shades with stick on vinyl decorations were the rage.  We Pegged our pants so tight they stopped our circulation and slicked down our cow licks with Wildroot Cream- Oil and Vaseline Hair Tonic.  The girls wore Bobby Socks and Two Toned Oxfords, Thom McAn Monkee Boots and wore their hair in a million different styles to be different every day.

Yes, we were obsessed by everything, and everything was Cool and Groovy and we loved it all.


As you explore this site you will find many things that you may have never seen, hear about many things that you may have never heard of unless you are over fifty, but for those of us who grew up in the Fifties and Sixties, they are forever etched into our heart and soul. There were no Zip Codes, Area Codes or HTML Codes. (There were Secret Codes however for everything from Spies to your own private Dick Tracy watch.) There were no cell phones, computers, video games, FM radio, cassette or CD players.  There were no I-Pods and Cable or Satellite T.V. We instead huddled around the radio to listen to such great programming as The Shadow, Amos and Andy, Gangbusters, the Lone Ranger, Fibber McGee and Molly, and great books like Peyton Place, Little Women and the Hardy Boy’s classics.  Yes we were obsessed by everything and everything had its place in our heart.


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 Although all photo’s, list contents and other media used on this site is Public Domain and no copyright infringement is intended or realized, I would like to thank John and Gordon Javna who published a book titled 60’s!  A Catalog of Memories and Artifacts in 1982.  Their book, published by St. Martins Press in New York, N.Y. was the source of much of the inspiration  used on this site.  If you would like to find much more concerning the Sixties than found here, I highly recommend purchasing their extensive book of the 60’s!.


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