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Ever wonder what was happening the day you were born?  Well, here is a neat website that tells you plus adds many videos to your day.
Check it out for fun and education!

The People History Website....

I don't know when what year you were born, but I know whatever year it was, there were some pretty amazing things happening.
I was born in 1943.  Here are some of the things that happened then.
Rationing, recycling, and salary freezes were common.  Sale of pre-sliced bread was banned to reduce bakery demands for metal parts. Alarm clock manufacturing ceased and everyone was limited to three pairs of shoes per year due to leather shortage. World-war ll was in full force.
FDR appointed General Eisenhower supreme commander of the Allied forces.
The German 6th Army surrendered at Stalingard and became a major turning point in the war.
The Jefferson Memorial was dedicated by FDR. It was Jeffersons 200th anniversary of his birth.
The U.S. defeated Japan at Guadalcanal.
Italy fell to the allies.
The Pentagon was completed.
Congress passed the "pay as you go" income tax.
The best Actor and Actress was Paul Lukas & Jennifer Jones.
Some of the most popular songs were:
Surrey With the Fringe on Top,
I'll Be Seeing You,
Oh What a Beautiful Morning and
That Old Black Magic.
Some of the top movies were:
For Whom the Bell Tolls,
Lassie Come Home and
The Outlaw.
NFL Championship: Chicago Bears over Washington Redskins. NFL passing leader: Sammy Baugh (1367 yards.)  NCAA basketball champion: Wyoming, Heisman Trophy winner: Angelo Bertelli (Notre Dame.) World Series: NY Yankees over St. Louis Cardinals. 
**Some prices, then and now:
                        1943              2009
New Ford            Not made        20,900.00
Bread(1lb.)         .09 cents         3.19
Milk(gal)             .62                 3.99
New Home           3,600.00         218,400.00
Average Income   2,650.00         50,896.00
Gas(1 gal.)          .21                 2.37
**Prices are all National Averages

Amazing!!! I haven't a clue how this works... check it out and see if you can figure out THE MAGIC GOPHER

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