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Nothing fancy here, no pretentiousness.
Only a passion for poetry, a supposition of self.

All poems were written and are coprighted, unless otherwise indicated, by johnmalcolm.  No reproduction in any manner is allowed without the specific consent of Authors of said work.

My name is J. Malcolm Pouch.
I am a poet, lyracist and published author.
This web site was set up to aquaint you
with my work, past and present.
I have been writing since
the age of twelve, when I developed an
interest in writing poetry.
I draw my inspiration from
Mary Pauline Collier, my Mother,
who wrote many books of
poems and sonnets from
1930 until the 1990's, a
true poem unto herself.

Thank you for visiting.
I currently have several books in circulation and would like you to purchase of course, but this site, POETSPLACE, has been reformatted to bring you, free of charge, some of my latest poetry and short-stories for your reading enjoyment.
To check out my published works, please visit : http://www.freewebs.com/johnmalcolm/newbooks.htm

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Knowledge does not come without understanding. Knowledge knows better.

But a Poet

dripping wet I became
reluctant to escape the rain,
holding hands with the infinite inane,
had I at last, gone insane?
sparks of verse, like lightning, flash.
teeth of yellow, stained and brash,
unseen entities around me crash,
while I walk on, talking trash.
blaring hordes at every turn,
eyes of red with glaring, burn.
things are not of my concern,
it is not my notion to discern.
children play in the street,
stares of strangers that I meet,
words wrapped neatly, spoken sweet,
I defiantly walk on with conceit,
step over that which is unseen,
dodge flying objects on blackened wings,

lyrics in my head I softly sing...
I am but a poet of life's obscene.

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